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A-lehdet, Future, WashPo, Bonnier and more

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Going beyond digital publishing - insights from new FIPP board member Kaisa Ala-Laurila

While digital titles specialising in health and well-being are showing strong growth in developed markets such as Finland, the next step is to lead consumers from inspiration to transaction, and to go global, says new FIPP board member Kaisa Ala-Laurila, CEO of A-lehdet in Finland.

Peter Houston talks: Time well spent

Publishers need to think again about why people spend time with their content. Is it getting attention because it deserves it, or just a lucky spin of the social media slot machine?

Why are news publishers pivoting to subscriptions?

When I look at the state of mainstream media, I can’t help but ask the question. Why are so many news publishers pivoting back to paywalls when they didn’t work for most of them before? 

Matthew Monahan, director of Arc Publishing at WashPo, on speed and innovation in the newsroom

One of the trickiest problems facing newsrooms and magazine publishers is finding a content management system robust enough to cope with the myriad challenges of digital publishing. It is a problem that The Washington Post has sought to address with Arc. The system, which is available to other publishers as a hosted SaaS platform, combines traditional CMS style features alongside advanced analytics suites, revenue solutions and a whole lot more. 

The Mr. Magazine™ interview

Behind Bonnier’s secret for creating better quality content with less workforce

«The notion that print is dead is not accurate. I think print isn’t dead, it’s just different. Gone are the times where you can operate with an inflated rate base or 12 times per year as a standard. And I think gone are the days too where you were just concerned with whether there was enough fax paper in the machine where you got all of your signed insertion orders back. Those days are behind us. But print for many companies, Bonnier included, is still profitable. It’s just not at the margins that we once enjoyed. And I feel strongly that brands that sit one or two in a category or vertical can thrive if managed correctly.» - Eric Zinczenko, CEO, Bonnier Corporation

Meet the Digital Innovators' Summit speakers

Hannah Ray, Condé Nast International

Hannah Ray is head of visual storytelling and social strategy at Condé Nast International. She'll be speaking at DIS2018, 18-20 March in Berlin.

Troy Young, Hearst Magazines Digital Media

Troy Young is global president of Hearst Magazines Digital Media. He'll also be speaking at DIS2018.


ICYMI: It’s ‘all’ about reader revenues, say Innovation Report editors

Without generating revenues directly from readers, journalism is doomed, write the editors of FIPP and Innovation Media Consulting’s Innovation World Report in their editors’ letter for the 2018/19 edition.

Media Voices podcast: Scottish Wedding Directory's Chris Phin on switching niches and ads vs reader revenues

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter talks to the Scottish Wedding Directory's Chris Phin about the best way to monetise a niche vertical and switching from tech journalism to covering the wedding market.

Chart of the week: Are you prepping for GDPR?

Anybody doing business in the digital realm should be able to tell you what GDPR is. Spelt out, it reads General Data Protection Regulation and constitutes a major EU data protection law update, coming into effect on May 25, 2018.

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At the sharp end of Future’s digital innovation

Digital innovation has been an important component of Future’s evolution to become a truly global, specialist, multi-platform media company. Julian March, managing director of Games, Music and Entertainment has been in the thick of the company’s digital strategy to engage larger audiences. 

Five key media tech trends from February

In a month that ended with a Siberian storm sweeping across Europe, Facebook began to feel the frost much sooner. Here, we look at five of the key media tech trends to emerge in February, along with their potential impact on the global industry. 

Esquire launches Self-Made event in partnership with Mercedes-Benz

Esquire has announced the launch of Self-Made, its inaugural one-day summit aimed at inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and those determined to advance in their careers, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

Condé Nast College of Fashion announces MA degrees now on offer to students

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design has announced that it is now offering an MA in Fashion Media Practice validated by the University of Buckingham.

Zinio partners with Unreel to bring video streaming services to the magazine media industry

Digital magazines platform Zinio and video platform announced a partnership to provide the magazine publishing industry OTT video streaming services. 

What we've been reading

Apple to buy ‘Netflix for magazines’ Texture (via The Guardian)

Apple is to buy the digital magazine service Texture, which lets users read titles for a monthly subscription fee.

Reddit and the struggle to detoxify the Internet (via The New Yorker)

How do we fix life online without limiting free speech?

This site explains local issues to people who feel guilty they don’t know them well (via Nieman Lab)

Keeping up with local news is important. Participating in local politics is important. Bay Area engineer and designer Jimmy Chion felt these pressures of civic duty, but wrestled with what he felt was a shallowness to his understanding of the city he lived in, and the policies that would define it.

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